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Workers’ compensation is a hard area of law to understand if you don’t deal with it every day. Our workers’ comp attorneys have been helping people just like you for over 40 years. During that time, we’ve gained experience that allows us to take on tough cases that other firms may turn down. Give us a call or use our chat feature or contact form today. We’re ready to fight for the maximum benefit you deserve.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, we can help.

We know what you’re going through – and we’re here to help. Keep in mind that a delay in filing a workers’ compensation claim could lead to delays in receiving benefits. And don’t worry about offending your employer. Your fight is usually with the insurance company, not your boss.
If you’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim that’s been denied, we can help by appealing that denial. We understand the process and know how to argue for the maximum benefits you are entitled to under the law.

Here’s one more way we can help: if you already receive a regular workers’ compensation check, chances are it’s not enough. That’s because the insurance company may not be taking into account all of the wages you received prior to your injury. We’ll determine the correct amount you should be receiving and fight to be sure you get it.

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Frequently asked questions

Report the injury to the employer, verbally and in writing immediately and fill out an incident report. Also, get full names of co-workers who witnessed the occurrence.

Document who you requested treatment from in detail with date and time, then go to Emergency Room.

The employer or its insurance company are subject to the Board’s orders. The Board may approve a change but this is the exception to the rule. The Medical provider should seek authorization for treatment from the workers comp Insurance adjustor which can NOT be reasonably withheld. In emergencies do not worry about any of the above just get treated!

The smart answer is yes, don’t refuse till you call us (219) 501-0737.

Workers’ compensation is a complex and ever-changing legal system. An attorney who regularly practices in this area can help you navigate this complex system and ensure that you’re getting the full range of benefits and treatment available to you under the law. You should especially consider hiring an attorney if:

  • Any part of your case has been denied.
  • You are not receiving medical treatment.
  • You are out of work without any income.
  • You have an accepted claim but are unable to return to your previous work position.
  • You are dissatisfied with your current medical treatment.
  • You have been terminated.
  • You have been released to return to work but do not feel capable of doing so.
  • You have a significant injury claim that will result in a permanent disability.

Many attorneys say they handle workers’ compensation cases when, in fact, they do not have the experience, or the knowledge, to help you navigate through this complicated process. Look for an attorney whose primary focus is workers’ compensation and who regularly handles these kinds of cases, as we do at the Deuterman Law Group.

We suggest you choose an attorney who is a board certified specialist in workers’ compensation law by the N.C. Board of Legal Specialization.

A good attorney will:

  • Monitor medical treatment.
  • Make sure you receive the best medical treatment possible.
  • Make sure your weekly checks are on time and that you are receiving the correct amount of money every week.
  • Ensure you are receiving all benefits to which you are entitled.
  • Advise you on options regarding returning to work, and/or dealing with restrictions and your employer.

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